Electronic Pull Tabs - Free Placement Options

Did you know? We can take care of you lock, stock and barrel with free placement of quality game terminals from leading manufacturers at ZERO upfront cost to your organization. No need to purchase expensive equipment (although we have that option too). We have beautiful cabinets from all the leading manufacturers.


FPN Gaming is ready for your business. We’ve beefed up our staff and now have support and install specialists in Bismarck, Minot, and Fargo and will add more in other areas as needed.

Benefits of Electronic Game Terminals

FPN Gaming has analyzed the impact of Electronic Pull-Tab machines from looking at states who have introduced this newer generation of gaming products and how charities have been able to benefit. While many players will stick to their paper tickets preference, another new wave of players will prefer the excitement of the electronic games. The new technology can provide a revenue boost for your charity including the following benefits:

  1. Player excitement resulting in increased play
  2. New players
  3. No longer having to order, store, and manually add tickets to a machine.
  4. No ticket jams or warped tickets resulting in less down time.
  5. Never run out of tickets.
  6. No inventory to count or store and never have to pay for unsold tickets at the end of the quarter.
  7. Ability to monitor each machine from an internet connection making scheduling checkouts more efficient.

All of these mean fewer trips by the charity to service the machine and less labor which add up to big cost savings.

Feel free to call if you have any questions. We look forward to discussing the various options available for standalone terminals and back office controls. We are excited to let show you how easy it will be to acquire and implement this technology for you on day one.